The Phams Summer 2009 Adventure in Vietnam, Malaysia & Borneo travel blog

Laura and Alec on the dock

A jack fruit at the Semporna market

Fishing on Sibuan Island

Coconut break!


Sibuan Island

and more fishing

After our time in the jungle we had planned to overnight back in Sandakan - until we got there and they told us that internet - and ATM machines were down - and of course the hotels only take cash. We quickly scrambled and got on the next bus for the next city going south in hopes the ATM worked there. Thankfully it did and it wasn't all bad since we were in the general direction we wanted to go anyway.

The next day we made it to Semporna where we will stay for a while. We're already feeling pretty comfortable in this seaside town. We just made plans to go to one of the islands in a marine national park tomorrow to go snorkelling. This area is supposed to have some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world. Can't wait!

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