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Our tour gude Ashley shows us how to use the few tools...

Hmm - I think I prefer a back pack!! See face book...

This is Matthew who painted the picture we bought

A different view of Uluru

Ken would like you to think he climbed the Rock but of...


Paintings at one part of the Rock




Sunrise - it was VERY cold!!

Very cold night – so grateful for the heater we bought in Port Augusta. I have no idea how people cope with the free camping sites – OK they have their showers, and gas stoves and solar panels for lights but do they have a heater?? Don’t know – will have to ask someone.

We began our day this morning with a tour with an Aboriginal guide who talked to us about the tools each man and woman would carry, what they were used for and how they made them. It was absolutely intriguing and certainly raised my respect for the ingenuity of these people. All the men in the tour then had the opportunity to show off their prowess with the spear and the women got to have a go at balancing a dish on our heads and holding a digging stick – hmm, who do you think had the most fun!!!

We then headed back to the cultural center for a drink and bumped into Matthew – the man who had painted the picture we bought yesterday so, another photo opportunity.

Loaded up with lots of water and snacks to eat we then set off to walk the base of Uluru – 9.5kms. It was a long walk (took us 3 hours) and the first half in full sun, but it was very flat and easy going. And it gave you such a close up view of the many facets of this incredible rock. There were quite a few places where you were asked to not take photos as they were sacred sites for special ceremonies. A long walk but so glad we did it.

Need to watch out at night time as you often encounter a dingo or two on your way to the toilet block. they are fine - don't feel at all threatening but would not like to come upon one unexpectedly.

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