Claes Johansson Asia 2008 travel blog

Pha That Luang – The most important national monument in Laos.

A Swedish hang out in Ventiane.

At the Scandinavian Bakery’s menu You can find Swedish delights as “dammsugare”...

Beer gardens along the Ventiane riverbank.

View over Mekong River in low water. On the other side is...

Floating restaurant outside of Ventiane.

Floating dinner table. Rather cheap, to hire one raft like this cost...

A floating dinner party coming back to restaurant.

Last order at the Scandinavian Bakery in Vientiane, “Semla” and “Dammsugare”.

22 March

Time to leave Nong Khai and Thailand. The check-out from Thailand went rather smooth, just one queue and then I was out. For entering Laos it was a little bit more complicated, I have to line up in four queues before I could enter Laos. The first queue was to receive arrival, departure cards and visa document. Then I had to fill in all these cards and then queue once again in same queue for having the visa and my passport processed. The most peculiar was the fee, we foreign people have to pay for exactly the same work. I don’t know why that Swedish people are only charged 31 USD, when most other European nationals are charged 35-36 USD. Finally, what bad had the Canadian people done to Laos, they were charged 42 USD for the same visa as I had. The third queue was the real passport control. Finally I ended up in a fourth queue there I was asked to pay 1/3 USD, for what I have not figured out yet and will probably never do.

23 – 25 March.

Vientiane is one of the world’s smaller capitals, around 200 000 inhabitants. It is also very easy to se that Laos is a former French colony. French colonial style dominates Vientiane and the Lao people. Big and wide streets and avenues, and the Lao people’s way to eat and dining are very much French inspirited.

Since I had only four days to tour the Vientiane and surroundings, I had to limit myself to the most important highlights.

The life in Vientiane is very quiet and laidback. The most of the bars and restaurants are closed before midnight. The whole city gives me a very strong small town feeling.

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