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Leaning Tower-Pisa

Souvenir shops-Pisa

Everything is leaning

Cathedral Entrance-Pisa

Inside the Cathedral-Pisa


Inside the Baptistry-Pisa

River Arno-Pisa

Tuesday 25th September 2007 Weather: - Sunny-22 degrees

(J) My view of Tuscany: -

Rolling hills of silver tipped olive trees, squared of like soldiers on parade,

Cyprus groves, dark and alluring. Grapevines drooping with their heavy load.

Winding roads and Yellow shades of houses, Hill top towns of ancient beginnings.

These are the things that enriched my life today for we drove from Barberino Val D'elsa to Pisa for a squizy at that building that would not be passed by the building inspectors, if built today.

The first part of the drive again took us along the 'romantic lanes' and we enjoyed each scene as we drove past them. Herman is taking on board some Italian driving tips while driving through the little towns 'if the street is not wide enough, straddle the footpath' but I must admit that I am a lot more relaxed as a passenger these days he is doing an excellent job.

Parking in Pisa is a bit of a problem but the third voice in our car (TT) told us where to go.

When I finally saw the Tower, Cathedral and the Baptistery I was stunned by the fresh white colour of the marble also the very detailed carvings on the buildings. I did not know what to expect for I must admit that it was not on the top of my list of things to do so I did not research it. The Tower also leans a lot more than what I expected. Everyone is doing their "holding the Tower up with their hands" photographs and the souvenir booths line the streets. I must admit that the cathedral is as stunning inside as it is out and the seeing the intricate carving of the marble on the outside was worth the trip. As you can see I am getting a little blasé so that is most probably enough for tonight. For a bit of fun I have included a photo that you would not readily associate with Pisa, one of the River Arno. I told Herman that you have all seen pictures of the Tower a thousand times so this is another side of Pisa that you may not have seen before.

We are not really happy with our accommodation here; the house feels a bit like a tomb also once home there is nothing to do so I spent some time in Pisa in an Internet cafe to remedy the situation. We have now booked 3 nights in Cortona, in the 'old part' of the town but everything was booked out for us to be able to get a 3 night consecutive stay so we are staying in 3 different places but all within walking distance of each other and all around the Place de Republic. On Frid.28th we will be in the 'Rugaprana B&B' on Sat. 29th we will be in the 'Hotel San Luca' and on Sun. 30th we will be in the 'Le Gelosie B&B' so I don't need to tell you I will not bother to unpack. After talking to Rosalie and Willie this morning I am sure that we will enjoy our evening outings again once we are there. Tomorrow I am sure we will be able to fill up our day with a visit to Florence and for dinner I will be having a go at cooking Giulios' recipe for mushroom risotto.

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