Claire & Keef Under A Mango Leaf 06/07 travel blog

Keith & Claire Playing With Her Rabbit!

White-Tailed Spider, Wrestled From The Shower

Claire's War Wounds & Keith's BIG Cut


We got to Otorahanga which has a Kiwi House and not much else, but they wanted too much $ to get in so we decided against it. The campsite is probably the best we've stayed on, they even had a sauna. We went Blackwater Rafting at the crack of Dawn the next day. Scary, scary day but a lot of fun.

Started off practising for the 35ft mineshaft abseil, no problems there. Keith being Mr Action Man of course wanted to go first which meant Claire had to go second. Keith got down safe and sound. Claire was fine for the first 10ft and then proceeded to 'free fall' a further 15ft down the hole. Scared the life out of Keith and the guide with the blood-curdling scream and bloody hands (see photos). But she was very brave, got patched up and soldiered on. We did a 'flying fox' zip line in the pitch black (not good if you've seen The Descent) and had to jump a few metres down with old car inner tubes into the black water. We floated peacefully down the caves seeing the most amount of glow-worms. It was actually quite cool and took your mind off the fact you were in eel infested waters (they liked nibbling Claires bum) deep under the ground in the pitch dark. We climbed up and through waterfalls and jumped off some till we eventually saw daylight some 5hours later. It was good though and well worth doing. We also met some nice people who had moved to NZ about 12 years ago and they gave us their number in case we needed any help while we were here. Had a late, tired drive to Rotorua.

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