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our last night

looking forward to moving on again now am almost back to 100% health and have heard such fantastic things about lake atitlan that i couldn't wait to see me Gustaf, Andreas and another american guy Sean that we'd met in antigua all went together..a bus to panajchel and then a boat ride over to san pedro....there are lots of little towns all around the lake but we chose this one it being a backpackers favourite and supposedly good nightlife and very cheap spanish schools....the lake is beautfiul and the scenery stunning as it's surrounded by mountains and volcanoes..probably my favourite place i've been so far on my travels.....its a real hippie town and has a very cool vibe about full of people who just come for a few days and end up getting stuck for years....but i don't think i will me not being the crusty traveller type of which there are lots here!

so we had an action-packed couple of days here before the boys had to leave....we went horse-riding (not my first choice of activity but i soon managed to overcome my fears when i discovered i had the laziest slowest horse in the world!) along the shores of the lake and found a deserted beach where we swam - it was freezing but i just went straight in, me being used to the welsh seas in the winter and it was nothing compared to that!

the last night we went to some thermal pools where we spent a couple of hours chilling out with some beers under the stars...there was a total blackout in the town so everywhere was pitch black and we were just lit by candles...totally cool...

so one last night out on the town before the boys had to leave for nicaragua...i'm staying on and have booked myself into one of the schools here for some more spanish classes...not particularly looking forward to it but needs must...and will be like starting over from scratch again as i've not spoken or thought a word of spanish for over 3 weeks and can't remember a thing!...hopefully will go ok and i'll manage to stick it out for more than 2 weeks this time before giving up!!

So i said goodbye to Andreas and Gustaf which was a bit sad as have travelled with them for the last 2 weeks..they were both really lovely and we've had lots of fun...but maybe we'll meet up again in a few weeks time as they're probably going to be in costa rica when i'll be there...but we'll see.... was just feeling a bit lost and alone and not really knowing what to do with myself as such a huge void when you've been with people 24/7 for so long and then they've just gone!...was lying on my hammock in the hostel reading trying to decide what to do when stacy turns up!! she'd found me and come a day ahead of john so we had a really nice girly evening together...nice food and wine and we went to the thermal pools again...was perfect timing!!...and as great as the boys were was so nice to have female company again after so it's a bit of a coincidence but her and john have also booked into the same school as me starting monday, so the 3 of us are going to be studying together again just like antigua....but this time we've decided to stay in a hotel as is so so cheap here and give the homestay a miss...once was enough - i still haven't got over the dog experience yet!!

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