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Monsoon beach

Coco view

monsoon clouds

recuperating in the pool

much better now!

Oh dear.

First we were planning to go to Sri Lanka, then we changed our tickets to skip it and continue to Malaysia due to Indian TV predicting a full-scale outbreak of civil war, then i got very very ill on the plane journey and so we had to get off there anyway!

As it happened, Sri Lanka was a great place to convalesce. Everyone was really helpfull and friendly (which was just as well, as we arrived in the middle of the night with nothing booked and Claire was panicking trying to sort everything out and keep me standing up at the same time) and our hotel turned out to be great, in a place called Negombo, right next to the sea with all creature comforts necessary when you're poorly.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see much of Sri Lanka besides the hotel and the nearby beach, but that was beautiful enough and we made good use of the handy hotel swimming pools too.

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