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we're at Airlie beach on the east coast, which is a backpacker town to the max! It's tropical and warm and lovely and we've already had 2 gecko sightings, 2 possums and then of coursre the bats and cockatoos are all back and making a racket in the mornings.

This afternoon we're off on a 3 day sailing trip to South Molle Island in the whitsunday islands, since Rob went ahead and won a FREE trip!! A 50% discount for us to sail around islands snorkelling, swimming and soaking up the sun sounds good to me. Of course, the fine print said something about dorm rooms and reef tax and blah blah blah sailing!

Apparently last saturday there were 65 people on board and today there's only 25 signed up we're looking forward to a (relatively) smaller bunch of people. The lady at the desk told us that we may want to wait until there's 60 people again because it would be 'more fun'. We're pretty happy as it is though :) Actually the lady ast the sailing place was our age and we asked her if tis was a good place to sell a car, and it ended up that she'd be interested, so we may sell the car here too. Bittersweet! We'll probably feel really weird not being able to drive around, the then again, it might feel weird to have a bunch of money from the sale too! heh.

So, we're looking forward to some reef snorkelling and sun rays. The clock is ticking and we're really int he autumn of our trip, whic is exciting and sad at the same time. We're both excited to get home and see our families and buddies (and cats), but moving while jet lagged isn't going to be that fabulous, but then, hooray for Waterloo! But boo, no more holiday. So you see, bittersweet :-)

We've found the east coast to be much more commercialized as we drive though towns that look like they consist of 90% hotels and motels and 10% restaurants, though tere must more to it than that!

Oh yeah, we qwent to the Australia Zoo (proud home of Steve 'crikey! it bit me!' Irwin). It was awesome and hilarious. Steve Irwin and his wife and kids have sold out in a maximum way and there are larger than life billboards of Steve and Toyota and him jumping all over the place and stuff, but then we have to remember it's because he's obsessed with conservation and he funds excellent programs with all the money he gets in. And anyways, we saw a baby freaking koala, if you ever want your heart to grow three sizes like the grinch, check out a 6 inch baby fuzzy koala crawling over mom to chew on some leaves. I wonder what it must be like to be a living stuffed animal. Unbelievably cute.

We also saw the crocodile show and the person actually has to jump into the pen and tease the croc out and make it jump for meat. It was awesome, but pretty strange. Crocs are BIIIIG animals, and we're not going to get on the worng side of them. They are built for stealth and sneak attacks, and they have lots of biological features that help them in that way (like it can smell, see and sense all around the eyes so it can check out it's surroundings by barely poking one bit of head out of the water). It's got a super massive tail that it can launch itelf out of the water to grab birds or people or whatever.

SO, it's been good! We'll check in again before we hit the trail home and hopefully we'll get a chance to see many of you.

Take care,

marianne and rob

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