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Fiona scaling the stairs in Diu caves

Diu cave

Fiona and Ash have fun on a moped

Ok I'm writing this a bit after because we've been travelling round like maniacs. Lets put my memory to the test.

We decided to spend a bit more on accomodation in Diu as we were just going to be chilling out so maybe spending longer around the guesthouse. However this soon went out the window when we heard some of the prices. Shocking stuff! So we went once again to the cheapest we could find. "Jay Shankar" was ok for the price. The bloke who ran it had his bed in the main reception/dining room of the guesthouse and never got out of bed.

Diu is an island just off the coast of Gujurat. Its not part of Gujurat state which is a dry state so it's where all the Gujurati's come for a nice chilled beer. In our hotel it was the same group of alchy old men there every day at 9am drinking "Real Scotch Whiskey" (made in Goa). It was a really nice place to hang out though. Diu was a Portuguese colony and still sports white wash buildings and a skyline dominated by churches as well as justifying siestas.

There is very little to actually do on the island. The whole point is just to do nothing. We hung out on the beach. I went swimming in a t-shirt and sarong because a bikini would endanger the men's health. They can't cope with looking at women. Sigh...get over it. Still, didn't have to worry about sun cream.

We hired a moped for about 2 quid for 24hrs and jetted off to some caves which were so lovely and cool! Theres about 10 cars in all of Diu so we felt quite safe, unlike the mental Indian driving in all the cities. Oh yeah I also tried pomfret which is the most delicious fish I have ever eaten. I can still taste it now, yum!

Well done Laura for all your AS exams. :-) You can relax now. (For about 2 minutes eh?)

Mum, hope your new class is wonderful. In fact I know they are!

Sarah, I want to meet this lesbian vampire granny! If she comes in again get her autograph.

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