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Temple of Dendara dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of Joy

Cleopatra and Caesar's son at Dendara

Entrance arch at Dendara

Temple of Hathor

Entrance to the temple

Painted ceiling in the temple at Dendara

Hathor topped columns in the Hypostyle Hall

Painted glyphs at Dendara

Hypostyle Hall

Painted glyphs at Dendara

Refaat (guide) in the temple at Dendara

Painted glyphs at Dendara

Raised reliefs on the walls at Dendara

Underground tunnel at Dendara

Raised reliefs on the walls at Dendara

Underground tunnel at Dendara

Raised reliefs on the walls at Dendara

light shaft in temple at Dendara

View from the roof at Dendara

View from the roof at Dendara

View from the roof at Dendara

Rooftop at Dendara

Looking down on the roof inner structure

Temple ruins at Dendara from the roof of the Hall of Offerings

The well on the temple grounds at Dendara

Mud brick structure at Dendara

Outer wall archway at Dendara

left roof-top sanctuary at Dendara with Hathor Column crowns

Roof above the Hall of Offerings at Dendara

Rooftop temple at Dendara

Inside tunnel at Dendara

Relief of Horus on the main pylon at Dendara

Lion on the side of the temple

Wall archway looking at the main temple

A palm tree at the lake which was used for the priests'...

looking at the Mamisi, the birth house of Horus

the Mamisi, the birth house of Horus

Cleopatra and cesarian

carved glyphs in the Mamisi, the birth house of Horus

Dendara sign

remains of Coptic churches

the Mamisi, the birth house of Horus

God Bes a hideous dwarf, with a big stomach and long whiskers

Hathor column capital

Looking up at the Scarabs on the main arch at Dendara

Local caretakers at Dendara

Mud brick walls at Dendara

Today started with an early morning. We had to meet Ayman at 6:00am to get the transport to the Sheraton. Therefore breakfast was at 5:30am. I packed last night and thought that we were all ready and it would be an easy one. Oh no, that would not be the case, nothing would be that easy. We went to have breakfast a little late, but still in good shape. Breakfast was fine. I gave Kim the key to go down and she was accompanied down the hall by a porter. This is where the "FUN" started. I got downstairs to check out. I met Ayman and went to the desk. I had checked the night before and there was only the Le10 charge for liquids that I knew about. This morning, there was an extra Le16 charge for water and juice from the mini-bar. We never had a juice in the mini-bar. We did take the water, but when I told Kim that it was in the bar and we had not bought it, we brought it back unopened.

I could not get it across to the guy that there never was a juice and that the water was in the fridge. Well I brought the water up to the desk, but still was not getting anywhere when a new crisis appeared. Where was the room key? It turned out that Kim must have been spooked by the porter going after her and left it on the bed. It worked its way down between the beds. We spend 20 minutes looking through the luggage and room until Ayman found it. We were both antsy by this time. I just thought the porter pocketed it and then they could charge us $35 to replace it. This seemed logical because of the games going on with the mini-bar charges.

We got in the van and started on our way to the Sheraton in Luxor. We were still rattled and it showed. Ayman wanted me to smile and reassured us that things would be better. He was right. Things would be better. We arrived and Kim got checked in. I then went on the trip to Dindar. It was another long ride (over 1 hour) and in a police convoy. I talked with the guide, Refaat, about Egyptian history - Nasser, Saddat, Mobarik and Faroq. Nasser lead the revolution. He put Arabs first then Egyptians and died in the early 70's. Saddat was on his staff and came next. He was assassinated by a radical group whose helped he needed to get in power. It was not over the Peace Treaty. Carter is well thought of here and peace with the Israelis is a good thing. No money spent on war means that there is more money to improve Egypt. This is where Mobarik is succeeding. He is building irrigation projects and new pipelines under the Suez Canal to create new settlements by reclaiming land.

We got to the temple after I dozed in and out during the ride in between reading. Refaat took me around and patiently explained the glyphs to me. He got one of the temple watchers (Arabs in Galabayas with headwraps) to open cover screen in the floor and let us down into the cellars of the tomb. I had to passed through a narrow opening about 4 foot long and 3 foot high. The chamber was wide enough for 1 ½ men to stand. The glyphs were in good shape. Some still showed the original color. We then went up to the roof of the pylon. This is the only temple in Egypt that you can access the roof. There is a temple to Hathor on the roof. They would carry her statue to the roof for about 16 days a year to be close to her father Ra. They would also carry all of her furniture. The glyphs on the way to the roof show the furniture going up and then on the opposite wall coming down.

One room on the roof had the zodiac, a Greek or Roman idea, in it. I lay on my back to photograph the zodiac on the ceiling and some other artwork on the ceiling. We finished inside and went down to see the ceremonial lake and walk around the temple. We saw the cartouche of Cleopatra and carvings showing her and her son. I also saw a glyph that showed all of the crowns of Egypt. There was a mumesium built to show that Augustus was a god. It made it easier for him to rule and legitimize his rule. We had refreshment and talked more about how Egyptians feel about tourists, Americans and our government. They don't like our government, but can see that Joe and Jane Tourist are not our government. They like tourists of all kinds and like Americans.

We then drove back and I dozed in and out during the ride back and the book I was reading.

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