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Anil, Vicki And David Standing On The Vietnamese/Chinese Border, It's As Far...



For travellers coming from Hanoi, Lai Cao is the end of the line. It sits right on the Chinese border, and unless one is venturing on to Kunming, it is necessary to turn back. The buildings are all relatively new as the town was virtually flattened during the Chinese invasion in 1979. The border wasn’t reopened between the two countries until 1993.


We headed out of Sapa down a very steep road and on towards the Chinese border. We were on our way to the Sunday market at Can Cau and the plan was to return to Sapa for a second night before turning south to begin making our way back to Hanoi.

Though there wasn’t much to see at all, the three of us wanted to pose for a photo at the Vietnamese-Chinese border. David had travelled with us through southern China in November 2007 and we had said goodbye to him in Kunming when he returned to Canada and we went to Chiang Mai, Thailand to reactivate our Chinese visas.


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