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Even with all the smoke in the air Devils Tower was visible...

Closer views of Devils Tower



View from in front of the visitors center.



Broken column shows cross section shape.

Views from the trail around the base of the tower.



Views of the surrounding countryside from the trail would have been great...

Three climbers starting their descent from the top. The flat top of...

The tower is a favorite with climbers. It rises 867 feet from...

I'd give him an A for bravery but an F for "planning".

As I was leaving the Tower the air seemed a little clearer.

Most people do not like thistles but they do have beautiful flowers....

(Ron Writing) This morning I continued driving west on WY-24. More spectacular scenery like yesterday but it was difficult to see because of heavy smoke. I later found out that there is a wild fire in MT that is sending smoke south into this area. Looking at today’s photos you’ll see that it was not a good day for photography because of all the smoke.

The main objective today was a visit to Devils Tower National Monument. In 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt named Devils Tower America’s first National Monument. It can be seen from many miles away as you approach this area. It is also quite a unique formation with its large columns rising straight up from the surrounding plains. The rock was formed from magma rising from the core of the earth many millions of years ago. It didn’t rise to the surface but over millions of years the surrounding land eroded away.

I hiked the 1.3 mile trail around the base of the tower and spent a little time looking at the exhibits in the visitor center. Even though the smoke prevented getting good photos I’ve included a few so you can see how it looked today.

After leaving Devils Tower early this afternoon I continued south on US-14 to I-90 and then took I-90 west to Gillette, WY. I’m spending the night in the Big Kmart parking lot. There is a Wal*Mart Supercenter next door and a huge parking lot in front of the two stores. At 5 PM I counted 25 RVs parked here – I know there are more now.

Elena is having a good time in Kauai. She spent much of the day with her aunt and cousin. This morning she helped her aunt and other ladies of the Methodist church prepare the food for the “meals on wheels” program. She said it’s very warm there. Here in Gillette we had a great day. There was a good breeze out of the north and the temperature was about 70°.

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