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Shot from the campground last night.

Shot from the campground last night.

Ashtabula beach.

The town above.

Harbor Draw Bridge.

Lifts every 1/2 hr.

Working harbor.


A operator stood in that cab and lowered himself into freighters, then...

Begin bridge tour. The longest.

Interesting biker at the bridge.

Buckeye roadkill.

From below.

Olin Covered Bbridge built in 1873.

Ashtabula River below.

Beneka Covered Bridge built in early 1900's.

Middle Road Bridge, 1868.

State Road Bridge, built in 1983. new.


Just hanging out.

White Turkey Drive In. Garden dining in back.

Sisters honor shopping.

Root Road Bridge,1868.

Caine Road Bridge with tourist. Built in 1986 for Ashtabula Co. 175th...

It rained a hard steady rain all night.

There are breaks in the clouds this morning. We grabbed jackets and headed out for a covered bridge tour. Ashtabula County is known for its many covered bridges. Currently the most (18) of any county in Ohio. Two of the bridges have records of being the longest and shortest in the United States. The longest is 613 feet and is the fourth longest in the world.

We managed to visit 7 in a day of driving. We stopped for lunch at a little diner that sold turkey sandwiches.

We also visited Ashtabula Harbor. In its booming years it was considered the third roughest port in the world, behind Shang-Hi and Calcutta. Ken grew up here and knew the history of the area. He has a lot of childhood memories to share with us.

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