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Ever heard the saying "shop 'til you drop?" Well you get the chance if you brave downtown (and I do mean down town) Los Angeles and spend the day or a week in the LA Fashion District! Covering 100 square blocks in the heart of the city the fashion district is like no other experience we have ever had. Kicking and dragging his feet all the way, Mike agreed to test out the experience. Luckily we went with another couple and ended up having a great day...yes even Mike. Knowing there was no way you could begin to see all 100 blocks we chose Santee Alley, the most popular shopping area in the LA Fashion District, best known for its festival-like atmosphere and amazing bargains. Santee Alley's over 150 stores and vendors sell everything from apparel for the entire family, accessories, toys, perfume, gift items and much more! Crowded in an alley, many of the vendors stand at their store front harking the goodies they sell inside. You are on "stuff" overload in a hurry but what fun just to walk the 5 blocks of the alley and people watch. Bargains, they are aplenty but living in a motor home you are pretty careful about the amount of things you purchase. Joyce and I each bought a designer shirt for $10.00, Jim bought a hooded sweatshirt for little or nothing and Mike bought a cap for 3 bucks. Anything you want, they sell. Women's leather boots...$25.00, 6" spike heels...$20.00, dresses for teenagers and 20 year olds...$30-$40. Want a gown for the prom or special event...there were stores full of them and since the garment district is part of the fashion district, they are the newest of styles. The District outside of Santee Alley is broken into areas to make your shopping experience fit your needs. Women's wear takes up about a third of the area, there is a men's district, kids district, textiles, accessories, athletic wear, housewares, electronics and flowers all have their own districts. In a week you might see half of the entire district and above most of the shops are the garment factories cranking out all the clothing for the latest fashions. After about 3 hours we were all on overload and wanted to head out to beat the LA rush hour traffic which is world famous. Vowing to go back and make it a "girls day out" Joyce and I swear we will go back... guys not so much. Never in my life have I seen anything like it and have put the New York Fashion District on my "bucket list." Will I get Mike to go...probably not but hopefully will have a girl friend to enjoy the experience with.

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