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The Beach in Front of Our Hut at Fatima's

Fatima's Outdoor Living on top of Dune

Bon, Tim, & Don Down the Beach at Pizza Place (Ocean is...

Looking Up Beach From Deck Where We Sat - Note Attempt to...

More Beach View From Town Ctr - Tofo

Across From Beach View - Tofo Town Ctr (Beach Behind Camera)

To internet chking email (re. Don), went back to Pensao Pachica - Don was waiting! Great reunion, packed up our stuff and off to minibus stop. Could not tell if Bon was more excited to see Don or her new/old pack?! The driver ripped us good for the trip(45 min) charging 200 meticais (the currency) ...we found out later it should have been 25! But he dropped us off right in front of Fatima┬┤s BP Nest at 4:30 so maybe the extra was for dropping us right at our destination, who ever knows! Ckd into dorm(B&T), Don a cabana and spent rest of time catching up til Don had to rest - he'd been "on the road" since early Mon(now Fri eve), major travel lag catch up - doesn't look worse for wear tho.


Fatima's is great, reminds me of Green Turtle in Ghana, right on the ocean/dunes, I went body surfing as soon as possible, great waves, water not quite as warm but still beach, sand, sand, & beautiful water!! Bon spent much time "moving" into new/old bag, Don brought US dollars to replenish our emergency $$ plus the Central Asia LP book to really finalize our plans & visa stuff. Talked thruout the day of travel plans during Don's stay. Also, much political speculation - so much at stake in Nov ... not going into that here, any interest in our/my views write and ask, glad to answer via email.

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