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No Jaywalking!!

No Skateboarding! No Rollerskating!

No walking on black lines!

Helen in Singapore

Happy Birthday Singapore!! (??!)

The World War II memorial

Gareth next to the Theatre complex

Inside the memorial

Singapore cityscape

Gareth agrees

Is it big enough or what?

Singapore Convention Centre

Helen outside Raffles Hotel - Singapore

Gareth at Raffles

Raffles Hotel!

Doorman at Raffles! Nice Uniform mate

Our Hotel in "the Heart of Singapore"...


We've just landed in Singapore... got some exploring to do ;-)

See you in a bit!!

From Gareth and Helen x x x


Greetings from Singapore!

We're staying at "City Bayview" Hotel, which is pretty central. As we only got here around 4pm, we decided to head out into the city on foot and explore the streets as quick as possible. It's definately a very clean and modern city - in fact it took a bit to get used to after Bangkok! There are influences here from all over the place when it comes to the high street. Chinese and Japanese shops, Marks and Spenser from the UK, Harvey Norman (GO!) from Aus and Robinsons, another huge Asia fave.

We went down to the front to check out the new (very strange) theatre complex, including The Singapore Convention centre. It's quite a green area, with lots of subways to cross the road etc. Jay walking is illegal here and it's enforced. It can make life suprisingly difficult at times - like when the nearest lights are 200 metres in the opposite direction! Nevermind though!!

It was supposed to be raining here, but it's not, although it's a bit overcast! Definately a bit cooler than Bangkok, it's about 26 - 28C here...

The hotel is pretty swish. There's a free LAN connection in the hotel room, so we've connected Helen's PC in and are making the most of it (streaming Radio 1, Chris Moyles for a start!!).

This connection doesn't want me to upload anything, so no photo update for the moment - but hope to add some later. That'll mean we break the 4000 photo mark. eeek. Anybody know a cheap photo developer???!

So the next stop is Hong Kong, which is very Exciting!!

Don't know much about it, but after a week we think we'll be pretty much on the case! Wehave a Lonely Planet, but it's not really the best because Hong Kong really isn't for Backpackers at all - more of a business area. We'll just have to get out there and do some walking!

Cheers etc

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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