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Historic downtown Rapid City, SD

Here are a few of the presidents we met today on the...





(Ron Writing) It was a little warm and humid but with a good breeze, it was not too bad. I spent about an hour on the phone this morning calling all the tire shops in Rapid City trying to locate a tire for the trailer. None of the tire shops had the exact tire I wanted nor a used one like the one that got destroyed yesterday. Then I called a couple RV dealers and one of them had a used tire exactly like the one that blew-out yesterday. When I asked him the price he said just come and pick it up – no charge! We went over and the tire was only slightly used and only slightly weather checked so it will make a great spare. He charged me $5 to mount and balance it. What a great solution to yesterday's mishap. Only in small town America could you find such a great deal.

We spent a little time exploring downtown Rapid City. The downtown area is full of interesting businesses in the old buildings that have been nicely restored. Everything looks neat and business seemed to be booming. Rapid City calls itself the “City of Presidents” and in keeping with that theme they have about 30 or 40 bronze statues of our former presidents standing around on the street corners. I’ve included a sample in today’s photos.

This afternoon we left Rapid City and drove west on I-90 to Rush-No-More RV Park just a few miles east of Sturgis, SD. This is a nice rural campground among the tall pines and hills. It is just about full this weekend with a large group of Escapees. This is one of the subgroups of Escapees called the “Boomers”. The Boomers are mostly “baby boomers” and a little younger than the average Escapee.

We weren’t members of the Boomers when we arrived but we are now. This is a very active group and this afternoon we enjoyed visiting with some of them at the 4 PM “happy hour”. This evening we joined in their potluck dinner and had a great meal plus had fun visiting with some new people.

We’ve concluded that you just can’t find nicer neighbors anywhere than those you’ll find in an RV park. And then if there are other Escapees around those nice new neighbors will soon be your friends!

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