20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Back in Kathmandu and I'm stuck here for at least a week waiting for an Indian Visa so I might as well do a thorough job on the Annapurna update. I seem to be at a visa watershed at the moment, my Austrailian visa ran out two days ago and my Chinese visa runs out in a week or so, so I can't go back to either of those for a while. My passport is almost full too so I need to judge my route back to make sure I can get home without running out of pages. I don't think people realise how difficult this 'job' can be.

Once again the traffic and touts here are doing my head in. I think I must be losing my street-cred (if I ever had any) I can't tell what drugs I'm being offered these days. A nice guy offered me some chocolate the other day which I though was a strange thing to be touting until I realsied he'd said it with a "Caribbean Whisper" and worked it out. Today I was offered some "ice" which would have been nice as it's pretty hot here now but again the voice makes me think it was probably something altogether different.

Have I said this before? - why do drug dealers from Santiago to Tahiti, from Sydney to Bangkok to Kathmandu all have the same voice? Is there an international institute that they've all graduated from?

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