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war monument



main cathedral tower

pre-war building


Flanders Field museum

one of the cemetaries we found


sign for the cemetary

Turns out we didn't get much more sleep this last night either since the one guy in our room was a VERY LOUD snorer. We decided to catch a train out to Ypres for the day to see if we could see some of the Flanders field cemeteries. So we caught a bus to the train station and got on a train. We had to change trains so while we waited I found a vending maching and of course they had waffles! So I got a chocolate covered waffle from a vending machine in Belgium :) As soon as we got off the train in Ypres we were confused. We found signs that said "In Flanders Field Route" so we followed them thinking they would lead us to the cemeteries.

We found a huge church and the In Flanders Field museum. We stopped in to the museum to see what it was all about but didn't want to pay so we kept following the signs which led us to a small cemetery and then the signs stopped. The cemetery was an army reserve cemetery from the first world war. So we headed back to the town and finally found a tourist information place.

Turns out all the big cemeteries are outside of the town and you need to rent a car or bike to get out there. We just didn't have the time to do that so we went back to the museum and went through it. It turned out to be a really interesting museum. We learnt a lot more about what really went on during world war 1. Also when you first go into the museum you get a swipe car with a name on it. I got a girl named Nellie Spindler and throughout the museum you swipe your card and it tells you more about the person and what happens to them through the war. My girl was a british nurse and in the end she was hit by a shell and died and is the only female buried in one the military cemeteries.

We made our way back to Brugge, had a shower and some dinner and then hung out in the hostel bar again. This time we tried Raspberry and Peach beer. I'm gonna miss that beer!!!

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