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The entrance

Reagans car he was shot in.

Kennedys car he was shot in with a roof installed for Johnson.

Evolution of the automobile.


Talk about backseat drivers.

Continuing the evolution.

Yes, continuing.

Early gas trucks were pretty too.

Teddy Roosevelts car.

Some early campers.

First tent trailor.

Land speed record holder.

Lasalle, longer than a Dusenberg and more powerful than a Rolce Royce.

Charles Keralts "On The Road" RV.

A 1948 Tucker. To advanced for its time.

Railroad cars and trolleys.

That's a Snowplow.

Henry Fords own RR Car, the Fairlane

Check out the size of this train.

It has two steam engines and four 6' drive wheels.

Drivers seat.

Engineers point of view.

The story.

Had all the original franchise signs. We ate at the Diner behind...

First commercial transport plane.

DC-3 with history.

THe story.

Orville ana Wilburs plane.

Famous planes.

Early helicopter.

Part of an entire generating plant.

Another generator.

Rosa Parks bus.

Rosa Parks seat / with tourist.



Only one display of hundreds of guns from our history.

Lincolns table and chair.


Horse drawn corn picker.

Early, early tractors.

Early tractors.

Steam tractor.

Tamato harvester. How do you run this thing.

The story.

It has a 10 on the front, but I believe it is...

Some really detailed dollhouses a little girl could not decide which one...

Stove preference.

Oscars Wiener car.

The story.

We spent the day at the Henry Ford Museum. It is next door to Greenfield Village we spent the day at yesterday.

This is an indoor museum under 12 acres. The museum began has Henry ford's personal collection of Historic objects he began collecting as far back as 1906. It is not just a car collection there is antique machinery, aircraft, locomotives and many historical items.

Highlights or the "must-sees" are Rosa Parks bus, Kennedy and Reagan's Limousines, Lincoln Chair, the Allegheny Locomotive, 1939 DC-3, Ford's Quadricycle and the massive building itself.

It's a wonderful museum for any age to enjoy. It is hard to believe that one man had the vision and money to put this together. This was definitely a highlight of our trip and would recommend it to anyone that is able to spend some time here.

Hopefully, our pictures will you a little insight of what is housed here.

We were wanting to also take the F150 assembly plant tour today. Just not enough time to do both. We will do that tomorrow.

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