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We set off in the morning to find this allusive Post Office – or as it is called La Poste. With some help we finally find one in the old village of Cergy. We purchase two 7kg boxes and make our way back to the Hotel.

We pack the two and find that we still have another 6 kg left. ‘Of what?’ you may ask.

We borrow some scales from one of the hotel staff to check our weights – Unfortunately we had to weigh ourselves as well, which was not a pleasant experience. It seems we are carrying ‘Coucous Babies’ a term used by our group in Morocco. The problem is that Coucous Babies are not so easy to get rid of.

We pack Pierre for the last time – revisit our La Poste and purchase another box and send all three on their way.

All that is left now is to make our way safely to Orly Airport and drop Pierre off – something that we eventually achieve. Very sad to say goodbye – our little car has served us well.

The company return us to the airport and we catch the train into Paris and then the subway out to where our apartment is. We meet up with someone who shows us around, takes our money and leaves us with some keys.

We have a lovely little apartment, two bedrooms, 1st floor, over a café and bar. We feel very Parisian as we input our security codes to get through the first two doors and then later look out over our tiny balconies.

Down to the local supermarket and we cook our first meal in ages.

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