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Luckily a booking hadn't turned up so we got in

The sand road leads into town

Just over the road and behind the palms was the beach

Close up of the whale flukes (tails) on the wooden gate

Whale fluke sculpture next to the veranda restaurant

The cabins were set in the botanical garden behind the main building

Each one named after a local sea animal or bird

We stayed in "congrejo" or crab for the first 3 nights but...

Staying in "serpiente", "pulpo" and then "pelicano" (Snake, octopus, pelican)

We never quite worked out how long we would actually stay

The big signpost outside Hosteria Mandala

Exactly how far are we from where we used to live ?

The beach at Peurto Lopez

One of the best things about Peurto Lopez is that it is...

With lots of wildlife on the beach

Even if it takes the form of vultures near the fish market

Today's catch of golden cownose rays (no wonder we didn't see any...

The Virgen of the Sea that the fishermen pray to

Peurto Lopez harbour

Lots of pelicans at the harbour

All of the bus hassles we had were worth it once we got to Puerto Lopez. So much so that we got stuck and didn't get any further into or around Ecuador (we ended up getting a bus back to Quito a week later).

Lovely sandy beach, lovely place to stay whose grounds were a botanical garden, an excellent Italien, whale watching and scuba diving. We even walked around Isla de la Plata and saw a lot of the same wildlife that we would have seen if we had got to the Galapagos.

The only thing that bothered us about the place was that the fishermen catch sharks to sell fins to the asian market. We saw 3 massive bull sharks, 2 black tipped reef sharks and lots of hammerhead sharks - all at the fish market. No wonder we didn't see any whilst diving.

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