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The Chunnel

The Chunnel

We load up Pierre and begin our journey to France. Firstly a stop at a servo to give him a wash and a bit of vacuum then we wind our way to Folkston where we catch the Chunnel at 1.40pm.

Thirty five minutes later we are in Calais and its time to switch on our brains and remember ‘right’.

A long drive down the motorways until in the early evening we reach Cergy – perchance to find our accommodation. You must remember we do not have a GPS, just a bit of a mud map copied from the internet. We think we are in the right area, ask some guys who head us in one direction, ask another lady who sends us in another direction – then luckily we find a guy in his garage who has a map. When we finally find the hotel it is about 30 metres from the first lot of guys we questioned. We can see them still there as we pull into the car park. As usual between us we always to manage it in the end.

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