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After spending several months in the Seattle area with our wonderful kids, grandkids and friends, we headed south having no idea what was in store for the Seattle area shortly after we left. A snow and ice mess it turned out to be with kids off work and out of school for several days. Our son ended up with 14 inches of snow before it was all over but neither of the girls had that much. Boy did our timing turn out to be perfect! Not being in a hurry to get anywhere definite, we took our time, with the night spent in Yreka, CA temperature down to 14 degrees...brrrrrrrrrrrrrr so we sure didn't linger there! We were amazed to see no snow in the Siskiyous or on Mt.Shasta. Arriving in Fresno we spent a week with my amazing 91 year old uncle who still lives alone, does his own cooking, yard work, driving and a hobby making bird houses. Enjoyed lots of time visiting, great meals, genealogy story telling with him and several cousins and an interesting morning watching the 20 acre field across from my uncle's being planted with a new grove of almond trees, all done by machine and GPS coordinates in about 4 hours, except for 2 guys sitting on the back of the machine poking the bare root trees into the holes dug by the machine. Picked some fresh navel oranges and lemons from the neighbor's trees which we sent to the kids and mom. They all said they were the best oranges they had ever eaten and we would agree there is nothing like picking them ripe right off the tree. We are still enjoying the ones we brought with us. Fresno was expecting a storm so we headed south to get over the mountains to the Los Angeles and San Diego area before the snow and fog hit. Didn't quite make it as coming down through Cajon Canyon we hit horrible fog and rain with temps hovering right at the freezing mark so it could have been snow but luckily wasn't. With no place to pull off, Mike took it slow and easy with cars whizzing by us at breakneck speeds, making us thankful to get into the valley where there wasn't any fog and just a light rain...boy were we happy to get to our RV Park that day. We are just east of both LA and San Diego so easy to see things in the area but far enough away so we're away from the city. Sure are enjoying the beautiful weather here after all the rain in Seattle. We have decided we are now spoiled rotten and don't like the gray and rain anymore and will be heading south much sooner next fall. Have several pictures but am having trouble with this new 4G MiFi device I was sold that was suppose to be sooooooooooo good and isn't. Will try to download them later.

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