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The multi-coloured buses of Manta

Brian Johnson (leader singer from ACDC) has a break from touring

On the big red tassled samba bus

The night bus itself (9 hours) was not too bad but getting on to the bus was a different story. The lady conductress decided that our small day backpacks (i.e. NOT the very big ones) were too big to fit above the seats in the cabin. We were worried at one point that she would not let us on the bus and finally we were the last ones to board. This was despite the fact that we told her that we had got the same make and model bus to Quito from Guayaquil with the same company only a few days ago. We didn't really help though with our pigeon spanish (es possible probrar) which we thought meant "is it possible to try" (to fit the bags in) actually means "is it possible to taste". Dictators are alive and well in South America, female, and working for the Panamerican bus company. On the bus we put our bags where she said that they wouldn't fit.

Once at Manta we had a brisk walk from the Panamerican office (conviently not at the main bus terminal) to catch a bus to Puerto Lopez. This one was only 3 hours and was relaxing.

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