Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

downtown Antwerp

pretty buildings

elephants on parade

so cute!

the train station

a massive vending machine where you could buy anything!

Susanne checking it out

This morning we had to move rooms at the hostel and we went from the Port room to the Board room. Haha they have themed rooms here but they arent the best. We decided to take a day trip to Antwerp. So we caught a train and wandered, a bit aimlessly. It started to rain so we decided to go into the Aquarium. It was fun and they had some HUGE sharks. Spent a couple of hours in there. Not really feeling Antwerp we decided to head back to Rotterdam.

Ok so I had a bit of a rash on my back, arms and legs and we weren't sure what it was from and they were red bumps all over me and I was SO itchy. We had stopped at a pharmacy in The Haag but it turns out she gave me menthol cream..I don't think she understood as much english as I had hoped. Anyways, it was getting worse so we decided to make a stop at the hospital to see a doctor. However when I found out that it would cos 200 euro just to see the doctor I decided against it. Called mom, probably freaked her out.

Went back to the hostel and made dinner, watched some tv and read a bit. Raining outside again. We tried to go to sleep but we couldn't so we went downstairs and watched some more tv. Around midnight we went back up to the room. This time there was a choir of snoring. An old man in the corner snoring away and the guy next to us snoring in between the other guy. Oh joy. Susanne and I were just laughing trying to get some sleep.

As i'm about to fall asleep the guy in the bottom bunk across from us gets up and goes to sit at the table and chairs. I found that weird but didn't think much of it. Next thing you know it sounds like running water but we don't have a sink in our room. Susanne's head pops down from the top bunk and says "Laurene, I think that guy is peeing!" Well sure enough he's squatted on the ground peeing on the carpet there.

Then he gets up, pulls his pants up, tries to walk out the door but keeps hitting the wall and eventually gets out the door. I turned the light on to make sure he didn't pee on anyone's stuff. The Aussie guy who he peed next to suddenly says "Did that guy just pee next to me?!" Hahaha. So I ran downstairs to the receptionist and let him know that a guy had just peed in our room. Haha it caused quite the commotion and one guy in our room slept through it all. They had to wake up his buddie to go and find him and tell him to leave the hostel. Turns out he was sleepwalking and thought he was on the toilet. Quite embaressing! Poor guy. We managed to get some sleep eventually.

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