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Just got to Ko Chang - it's amazing here!

The journey here was quite a beast. Although you can take a minibus from Koh San Road, we decided to take an air-con bus from Ekkamai (Bangkok Eastern) bus station, as it's only one stop away on the BTS (Sky Train). The bus was a five hour epic journey but, get this, it had a full host service on board. So we were treated to free coca-cola, bread and hand towels!

The bus we took went to the town of Trat, which is not too far away from the Cambodian border - the cost of the journey was B400, which is about £5.60! We drank at least that much in coke...

At Trat we jumped into a Songthew (spelt wrong), which is one of those pick up vans with two metal benches on the top, which took us on the 10km (only B40 - about 60p) to the pier. From there we jumped on a knackered old boat that took us across to the island for a small fee. From there we took another pick up to the resort (for another B40) where we checked in.

We're staying at "Chang Park Resort" and it's great! We have a bungalow on the beach with an en-suite bathroom - which is all wooden and tudor looking. The resort is also amazing and we're having a great time. We are styling it however (thanks to Gareth's Dad!!) and have aircon, TV and room service! (Time to steal the shampoo / soap!!)

The weather has also picked up (blue skies!! First we've seen for a month!!!!) and we're now making the most of it. We're about to take a dip in the pool at the resort.

To get around the island we've hired a bike. It's great! It took a bit of time to get used to the two of us scuttling along, but we're pretty much expert at it now :-)

We darent go over about 40 - 50 kph though (about 30mph!), because it's quuite scarey!! The wind picks up too, and Helen whinges that her hair is getting messy!!!!

We've booked an elephant trek across the jungle tomorrow! How exciting! We think it's going to be cool - there are also some amazing waterfalls on the island that we are going to hunt down.

Note: Helen is camera master on the island!! All pics are by Helen!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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