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I was trying to capture how rough and rugged the walls of...

The Rio Grande River on the drive to Los Alamos from Taos....

"Would someone tell my Mommy to get back into Clyde and drive...

Willie and Blayde enjoying the mesas on the way up the mountain...

This picture includes a shot of the road we drove to Los...

The road to Los Alamos. Narrow, curvy, and high in the sky!

Los Alamos: Where Discoveries Are Made (and I was born!)

This hospital has expanded a bit since back when I was born...

Explains next picture...

Valle Grande

Another shot of Valle Grande.

And one more shot of Valle Grande... it is grand!

Stopping for a rest along the Jemez River on the drive leaving...

The Jemez Mountain National Scenic Byway is an awesome place to visit!



The Jemez State Monument

The Jemez State Monument - historic pueblo and mission.

The view from the Jemez State Monument.

Such jagged cliffs.

Such pretty contrast in colors!

"Did you really just tie ME to a fence?"

"I don't like being tied next to a fence, pick me back...

This morning we left Taos to visit Los Alamos via Hwy 68 to Hwy 502. I was born in Los Alamos and had not been there since childhood. We were impressed with how bustling this town of science and discovery is. Land space is limited in this municipality and it was easy to see that the town’s designers had never expected it to be as populated with cars and people as it has become since back when the world’s greatest scientific minds gathered there in 1943. It became obvious to us that the Los Alamos National Laboratory is still going strong and developing many more great scientific discoveries!

After some time in Los Alamos we left via the Jemez Mountain National Scenic Byway (Hwy 4). Taking some time out to enjoy a picnic lunch in a wilderness area of Bandelier National Monument (they have 23,000 acres of designated wilderness in Bandelier), we drove through the Jemez Mountains, along the Jemez River and visited the Jemez State Monument and the Jemez Pueblo (where I treated myself to some yummy Indian fry bread). I really enjoyed this leg of the trip as it, again, provided us with spectacular scenery.

We have stopped in Willard for the night where a raging desert thunder storm surrounds us and we currently have no Internet or phone service (thus I will have to post this entry tomorrow). The lightening show is magnificent and we can see for miles and miles around us. This openness is so different from where we spent our summer in Frisco, CO.

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