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The sky was looking a little ominous as we arrived at the...

Fairthful reconstruction of the original 1837 trading post structure.

The goods behind the counter were traded for the furs the Indians...

Frenchman James Bordeaux and his two Indian wives lived in this very...

The museum store has a very large selection of books and also...

$50 for a skunk!

The garden behind the museum keepers house had a nice flower garden.

(Ron Writing) This afternoon we visited The Museum of the Fur Trade. This is the only museum dedicated to the history of the first business in North America. They exhibit the entire range of goods traded with the Indians including the largest and most complete collection of guns made for the Indian trade, textiles, costumes, beads, paints, kettles, knives, silver, and much more.

The museum is on the site of the earliest trading post in this area, the Bordeaux Trading Post. The museum grounds include an exact replica of the trading house and warehouse built on Bordeaux Creek in 1837 and operated until 1876. In a good year the trading post took in approximately 1,000 tanned buffalo robes. They were folded and tied in bales of ten for shipment to the east where they were finished with a cloth backing and used for bed covers, lap robes, and overcoats. The Indians received the equivalent of about $3 per hide. The retail price of a finished robe was about $10 back east. Our currency has certainly been debased over the past 170 years.

The museum is very unique, interesting and educational – AAA should have rated it a “gem”.

After leaving the museum we continued west on US-20. It soon started to rain very hard. It was getting a little tiring driving in this rain so we stopped for the night in the very small town of Merriman, NE (population less than 200). We are parked near the intersection of US-20 and NE-61 in a large parking lot near a bar – about the only business in town. This area has had heavy rain in recent days so the ground is saturated and according to the radio we’ve had another 2” to 3” today. It’s gotten very windy and I just moved the rig so the truck is facing into the wind. We were taking the wind broadside and it was rocking the trailer so much we thought we might get sea sick! This is much better.

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