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falic looking monument

people watchin


closer up

loads of bikes

do you like my new shoes?

soo cute

canal boats

So my morning started off terribly. My bridge that had jut gotten fixed before I left Canada and had been loose since my trip to Italy finally popped out while I was brushing my teeth. This made me VERY unhappy. Once again I have become the toothless wonder. Called mom and talked to her about it and got her to call the dentist for me. Luckily the tooth came off whole and I was able to save it and that the glue covering my nerves is still in place.

Got on our train to amsterdam. Had to change trains 2 times just to get there. Amsterdam is a crazy city from the moment you step off the train. Our hostel was right in the red light district so we headed into the district. We got stopped by a guy trying to get us to go on the pub crawl that night. He gave us a flyer. As soon as we walked away some old guy came up to us and kept asking to have the flyer so he could go terrorize the guy who just gave it to us. It was all really bizarre but Susanne wouldn't give it to him.

Our first impression of Amsterdam had us a bit scared. Half naked women in all the window and the smell of pot in the air. Every guy's dream place right? Haha. Our hostel was right across the street from some of the girls so we could see them from our room. Good times. As we left our hostel after dropping our bags off we got asked to be in amatuer show that night at the strip club place next door. Awesome.

Wandered around town and did some more souvenir shopping. Had some dinner at an asian noodle place which have places all over the city. There is a lot fo multicultural food places here. Headed back to the hostel.

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