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Masks for sale in Antigua

Downtown Flores

Nachos at the Sports Bar

Lobsters on the grill....excellent

Nurse sharks


A frigate and Adrian

Brown pelicans....note no pouch

Feeding tarpins

We left Flores at 7a. First we walked with bags to Marlin Travel arriving at 6.15a, checked in and were served breakfast yes breakfast on a shuttle, before boarding the bus to Belize City. 1 1/2 hours found us at the border. It was a breeze. We walked across, were welcomed to Belize and were then put on the bus to Caye Caulker.

Belize was British. English is widely spoken here. Spanish...not so much although the country is bilingual. We could see a difference immediately. It does not feel like a Caribbean country. As the country is mostly lowlands, houses are mostly on stilts. Bright colors are still the norm. And it is a place of seasonal snowbirds. Signs are in English. Only the main road is bumpily paved. Dirt tracks go off in all directions.

In Belize City we caught the 1.30p ferry to Caye (Key) Caulker. We took a golf cart taxi the 3-4 blocks to the China Town Hotel. From our standard room we can see the sea. There is a great rooftop patio to watch the sunset...a little known fact. There is a small deep pool. And gardens. In the same building as our hotel is the island's largest grocery store, a casino and a bar. The complex is a block from the sea.

We have lazed around, walked to The Split....the southern tip of the island was separated from the northern by Hurricane Hattie in '61...went snorkeling along the longest North American reef (saw nurse sharks, sting rays, corals, blue silver fish, seahorses, watched frigates....a giant dark bird....fed and fed tarpins). Lots of fun. We've danced at the Sports Bar, had excellent meals as we celebrate 90 countries. We met many from all over Canada, some from Texas, Brooklyn, Connecticut, occasional German and some Dutch, an Irish lass as well as many travelling locals, Chileans and Mexicans. Many backpackers visit is cheaper than Ambergis Caye with its big resorts.

Tomorrow is the Superbowl and we'll be at the Spotsbar to watch the game with all the ex-pats.

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