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Sandy looking up at the Immortal Redwood

Sandy at the base of a Coastal Redwood

Coastal Redwoods in the Williams Grove

Coastal Redwoods along the Avenue of the Giants

Sandy before the trunk of a 3,200 year old redwood

Preparing to dirve through a redwood trunk

Driving through a redwood trunk

Victorian house in Ferndale

Second Victorian house in Ferndale

After a 3.5 hour drive, we arrived in the small town of Garberville, CA, which is situated amid the picturesque area of Northern California. We're here to see the Avenue of the Giants, or Coastal Redwoods, and the Victorian town of Ferndale.

The Avenue of the Giants is about 31 miles long, consisting of different groves of redwood trees. Pictures of the various groves and/or trees cannot adequately do the view of them justice. These are magnificent trees, many of which are ancient in age. For instance, there is a tree called the Immortal Tree that is between 950 and 1,000 years old. The tree is over 248 feet tall, with some 50 feet having been lost to a lightning strike. One picture included is of Sandy looking upward at this tree. Another perspective on the antiquity of some of these trees is of the Dyerville Giant that fell in March 1991. This tree was 375 feel tall, had a circumference of over 52 feet, and weighed more than 1,000,000 pounds.

Other pictures attached are Sandy in front of the trunk of a 3,200 year old redwood that died, Sandy at the base of a Coastal Redwood, some redwood trees in Williams Grove, me preparing to drive through a redwood, and me actually doing that very thing. On the latter two pictures, the rented SUV only had an inch or two leeway between the vehicle and the tree trunk on either side. Talk about a close call! As I attempted to look nonchalant, I kept thinking, "Don't scrape the car!"

Ferndale is a small Victorian town near the northern end of the Avenue of the Giants. This municipality is nestled in an agricultural area, but has a number of fascinating and very good looking Victorian homes, a few of which are serving as Inns. We meet several residents, all of whom were friendly. Two pictures are included of the homes.

Tomorrow we invade Oregon! Look out! Thanks for reading.

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