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We started today by walking to Santo Spirito Church. There was an open air market on Piazza Santo Spirito (where we dined last night) so we wandered there a bit first. We saw produce, olive oil, clothing, toys, etc. The church is quite austere and plain. In a separate sacristy was the wooden Crucifix sculpted by Michelangelo at a very young age. What a talented young man and so dedicated to his faith. We then went into the open air Cloister of Paris (Cloister of the Dead). The surrounding walls were filled with crypts dating to the 1300's. The center area was a beautiful garden with trees and flowering bushes.

We continued on to The Baptistry. People were not allowed into a church until they were baptized so baptistries wee built near the church. We were allowed in after about 5 minutes. We had to wait for a tour group to exit. About 10 people went in with us & for whatever reason no one else was allowed in. It was quite nice to view this beautiful building without crowds. As with many of the other places of worship, The Baptistry was highly decorated with sculptures, stained glass windows & even a dome.

We went back through some of San Lorenzo Market. Again today we felt it was filled with vendors selling nonauthentic goods so we quickly got out of the crowd filled area and headed home for a nap and journaling.

For dinner we enjoyed the rest of our meals from Oesteria Santo Spirito supplemented with a little spaghetti. Of course, for dessert we went downstairs to enjoy another salted peanut gelato.

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