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Maligne Canyon

Alabathca Falls

Alabathca Glacier - Ice Explorer

Alabathca Glacier

Lake Louise

Every day, on this holiday, has something new and wonderful and today was no exception.

After the usual packing of bags, shower, dressing and breakfast, we were on the road by 8 am.

First stop - Maligne Canyon where our guide, Michelle, took us for a short walk around part of the canyon. The sound and sight of the cascading water was amazing. We saw fossils of small creatures from millions of years ago, a crow’s nest made deep down in the canyon wall and thousands and thousands of pine trees - many of which have been affected by the pine beetle.

Second stop - the incredible Alabathca Falls with water pummelling down at an incredible force.

Third stop - the mighty Alabathca Glacier. This stop involved us getting off our coach, getting on a different bus and travelling for about 5 minutes to a huge Ice Explorer bus which travelled the 15 minutes to the glacier. Once there, we alighted and had 30 minutes to walk around, get photos and admire the stunning views. It truly was breathtaking! We then returned to our coach and continued our journey.

Fourth stop - Bow Lake - very picturesque and still not yet thawed after winter.

Throughout the whole day, we were surrounded by mile upon mile of pine trees, snowy mountains, fast flowing streams and still-frozen waterways. These incredible scenes just went on and on.

Then we came to our last stop of the day and our hotel for the night - the majestic Fairmont Chateau at Lake Louise! Stunning, opulent, classy, beautiful (and those words aren’t really doing it justice). The rooms are huge and elegant and the surroundings are wonderful. The Lake is still mostly frozen and looked wonderful up against the background of the snow covered mountains.

We arrived around 4.30 and had a little bit of time to wander around before a group photo and then dinner. Following this, Cheryl and I had another walk - by this time it was very cold! After a nice warm bath in the huge bathroom, I looked out the window to find it lightly snowing!!

It’s now 10pm and I am really tired but very happy! Let’s see what tomorrow will bring!

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