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The Black Gate - Oldest Intact Roman Gate

Trier Whimsy

Trier City Museum - One of the best on this trip

Identity Cards - WW II

Identity Card

Native Son

Roman Arena

Arena Underpinning

Classic Garden Plot

Again - A Wall

And Another

And Yet Another

Underneath the Imperial Baths

The Trier Cathedral - I'm a sucker for Romanesque

The Trier Cathedral

The Trier Cathedral

The Trier Cathedral

The Mosel Hour begins around Noon and extends way past my Bedtime

Salve -

Four years of Latin were not wasted.

Trier was a Roman outpost beginning early in the fourth century. You can still visit the huge Amphitheater just outside the remaining Roman walls as well as the Imperial Baths. Both are among the best preserved and impressive Roman sites I've visited. Especially interesting were the areas beneath the arena and beneath the baths. Both are World Heritage Sites.

The Romans had it pretty good here. A few hours at the baths followed by some entertainment. The amphitheatre would have been a pleasant place on a Autumn day back in CCCXXVI to view a drama, a musical performance, Christians and lions. Today there seem to be those who wouldn't mind replacing the Christians with atheists, the LGBT community, immigrants.

So it goes.

In addition Trier has a huge Romanesque Dom that has portions that also date to the fourth century. Then there's Dom St Peters that reminds me a bit of Moorish architecture. Another first class World Heritage Site.

Then there's the Mosel wine country - steep vineyards on south facing hills across the river. There's an open-air wine bar on the city's market square. My hotel is the Vinum. They feature a fully accessible hotel, a staff that includes both abled and dis-abled staff, and the best breakfast buffet of the trip.

The Geezer

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