Larry & Cheryl's 2016 Travels travel blog

We are always above the low cloud layer in the valley

The sun trying to peak through the clouds

Dancing Taco entertaining us at the lodge

Mama Queen on Mother's Day saying hi to all

Daisy chasing squirrels

Peaceful day listening to the birds

Ranger Ten waiting to pounce on a gopher

Our first duckling of the summer season hatched

We came back up to Silent Valley to use some days of our membership, much cheaper than staying at the lodge.

The weather was gorgeous and spring was blooming. There were sounds of bees and birds in the trees. The Mallard pairs that summer in our fishing pond, walk around the park daily. One couple had the first duckling of the season. We only saw one duckling with a mother who was being very protective.

We also saw "Ranger Ten" the cat, doing his job, watching for a gopher. Daisy tried daily to chase squirrels, never catching them and wondering why they always go up the trees before she catches them.

We went down to the Banning Elks to meet with friends Richard and MaryAnn. It was "Cinco de Mayo" day and there was a Taco Stand outside and a Dancing Taco lady to get attention. She came inside to dance around for a while entertaining us.

On Mother’s Day I drove down to spend a few more hours with family. Had to see my little Mama one last time before our summer travels.

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