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I woke up on the ferry some 1,5Hrs before arrival in Salerno, beautiful weather at 22,5Kts speed over ground. The ferry was a Ro-Pax ferry like those sailing between the UK and the Baltic, Transfennica type, 190m LOA with mainly trucks and truck drivers as passengers. Very clean ship which arrived at 10:30 in the port of Salerno. After disembarking, we climbed to the autostrada which fringes the coast line at a height of 300 m. From the port climbing on a narrow bridge over 2Km in length to the highway entrance, a 180° curve on the road, almost impossible for trucks to turn normally and once on the ascending highway you had to go straight into the tunnel with minimum 90Km/h to avoid from cars bumping in from behind!! The car felt like a Boeing 747 departing at maximum take-off weight.

Our hotel, “which I booked”, was right in between the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii, a good plan to visit both places over the coming 3 days, or so I thought......

Once we left the highway at Nocera, we had to climb back in Southerly direction into the steep mountains of the Amalfi coast with roads which were built at the same time as Pompeii was discovered. It took me an hour to drive 25 Km distance, leaving the narrow main road onto an even narrower road, getting lost, turning around in the wine fields, finding a sign board which lead to nowhere, asking locals who didn't know the hotel, but finally we reached the place, no parking, 30m climbing to the building etc. etc. Etc.

Obviously, we decided to cancel the booking immediately at no charge, left this place ASAP and drove further to the south-coast, to the same autostrada again to make the 2nd tour, but this time, we took the Pompeii exit and ended up in town at an hotel (nice) with a balcony on the parking, some 500m walking distance from the Pompeii entrance! Had a dinner at a lousy, over-priced restaurant, went back to the hotel, had a drink and slept, hoping mount Vesuvius remains dormant for at least another 48 hours.

Tomorrow we'll see....

Next day, I forgot about dates

We woke up, early, got our breakfast at the main building, some 100 m walking from the room and walked to the east entrance of the Pompeii Ruins. Paid the entrance fee (even in churches in Italy you have to pay admission, and Pompeii is not even a church, rather a brothel) and started our tour through the rubble. First the Amphitheater with an exhibition of the corpses which were discovered during the excavation works, onto the main street to the Roman Forum, the best kept in the world all the way zig-zag through the city. After 4,5 hours in the scorching heat of the sun, it was 36°C, we called it a boy and went for shopping for handbags, shoes and other Italian refinements. we had our dinner opposite of the Pompeii entrance, in a basic looking, under priced Neapolitan specialties restaurant. Fantastik food and the promise to return the day after

Next day, we decided to stay a day longer, visited the mount Vesuvius, by car, what else, and didn't make the final climb to the summit by foot, because my heel was still not 100%, lets say 60%, anyway not good enough to make the climb of another 150m on a steep path.

After returning to the hotel, had our dinner at the promised restaurant, bought local products like cheese and other fine Italian stuff and returned to our hotel for the last night in Pompeii. Still mount Vesuvius was dormant, waw!!!!

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