2015 Myrtle Beach Bound travel blog


USS Chandler DD717 one of my ships

USS Wilhoite DER 397 another of my ships


Last night as we were approaching Wytheville the motorhome started acting up again so we pulled over so Katie, Candy and the kids could take the truck onto the hotel. Chip and I took the motorhome on to the hotel and it ran fine. It was decided that I wanted to try and get home so someone that has worked on the motorhome could look at it instead of having a place along the road look at it. Chip, Katie and the kids took the truck to drive home so in case we did have another issue they would not be waiting with us. They left and so did we, the motorhome ran great the entire way home, not sure if the fuel filters got junk in them or not, Smithy’s will solve the issue when we get home. We got to Chip’s at 3:00 pm but Chip was called into a major fire in Massillon, he is the Chaplin for the Massillon Fire Department. One of the largest church was ablaze in downtown Massillon and all fire personnel were called in. It must have been a big one because they called 4 other departments in to assist. We got everything out of the motorhome that belonged to them and in turn we headed home. We got home at 7:30 pm to unload, Brent and Roger were right there to help us get everything out and in the house, can’t ask for better neighbors.

We had another great trip and couldn’t ask for better weather. Now to get the motorhome serviced and get ready to leave on Saturday for our trip to the Michigan UP with my sister.

We did have a milestone as we arrived at home. The motorhome turned 100,004 miles. That is not bad for 11 years and we put all of them on.

I will be posting a trip journal for our trip to the Michigan UP, you will receive notices. Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling on as we are on the road.

Total Miles: 1786

Total Gallon Gas: 227

Avg. Cost per gal.: $2.41

Avg. MPG: 7.8

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