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What another great day, it started out around 55 degrees but not snow or rain. It did sprinkle a little but who cares. The sun has come out off and on because they are predicting some rain today but it is still warm. Candy had to go over to the club house to do laundry because our washer in the motorhome is working at this time. We have been trying to find someone to come work on it but at $200 for the service call and $125 per hour after that we will wait. Candy called the manufacturer and they said it was probably something in the pump like a coin. He explained how to check the pump so I took the cover off the pump as he said and found a penny inside, cleaned it out and now it works. Sure saved a lot of money on that job, told Candy she owes me $200 for the service call, that didn’t go to far. We have been doing some cleaning and fixing today which is a typical trip in a motorhome.

We met Carol and Al downtown Ft. Myers in the River District to visit stores and find something to eat. We did fine a great place, Ford’s Garage, which specializes in burgers and craft beer. The burgers are made with USDA Grade A Black Angus beef, you could tell because they were delicious. Their special burger cost $125 which is made with 10 pounds of Black Angus, eat it in 2 hours and it is free, I did pass on that. After that great meal we walked around the area while Carol and Candy browsed the shops. It was very enjoyable with great weather again. We parted with Carol and Al to return to the campground and call it a night.

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