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Our first adventure into New York was great. Times Square was not as we had imagined it. They were doing a lot of work on the road so it was actually quite a mess, we were unsure if we had actually found it or not until we say the red steps and big screens.

We had breakfast at a little pub/ restaurant call Smiths to fuel ourselves for shopping. We started in the city. Molly loved the 5 floors in Forever 21 and I am sure Brett visited every Footlocker in the city.

We had purchased Grayline city tour bus tickets through our travel agent which gave us 72 hours of tours. The line to pick up our booked tickets was shocking, at least an hour, people were going off. The line to buy tickets had no queue and you could also purchase them at the stops so it was not worth booking them online, they were offering the same prices in NY as we got online.

We finally jumped on a bus and started a down town tour. We went through times square, around Madison square gardens and past Macy's (will visit there another day!). We travelled down 5th avenue and past the famous Flat Iron building. We travelled around Washington square park and along Broadway St. Molly wanted to visit Top shop on Broadway St. so we got off the bus in Soho and spent the afternoon shopping, it was great. Despite being one of the most expensive areas to shop, we still managed to find bargains, it's in our blood!

We headed back to Harlem for a couple of Budweisers and the caught the subway to Chinatown. We had dinner at Peking Duck House, Peking duck pancakes, sweet and sour pork and a beef and scallop dish. It was a huge meal, duck was great, kids were horrified as they carved it in front of us! It was nice but the Chinese we get in Australia is tastier - probably all of the preservatives. We managed to experience 2 worlds by having ice cream in Little Italy after dinner. It was a lovely street with restaurants and market, closed off to cars. I brought a lovely photo scene of New York, with my favourite flat iron building.

Despite it being hard work to get to dinner, working out subway stops and a b c d 1 2 3 4 subs and then a cab from the station to the restaurant it was worth the experience.

Tip for travellers - buy a Metro sub pass for 7 days if here for a week, cost $30 each but you don't lose out when you have to double back on the trip as you have no idea where you are going!

Another tip - all restaurants are marked A B C. This is their cleanliness rating. Eat at an A, B is okay, stay away from a C and if it is pending, don't eat there either. They are clearly marked in the window which is very helpful.

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