Clarence and Sandy's RV Tour 2013 travel blog

Salmon swimming up over the falls

On Wednesday we drove to the Gateway to the North RV Park in Deer Lake. Not long after we arrived we drove our cars to Shire Falls where we were able to see the salmon jumping up the falls to lay their eggs. That night we drove to a ski lodge where we had a "screech in". Many of you know that is how you become an honorary Newfoundlander. This is my third trip up here and the third time I have kissed the cod fish. I think I am an official Newfoundlander for sure. The entertainers were the Sharecroppers. They are school teachers who do this because they love it. They sang traditional Newfoundland songs such as "I'se the b'y" which translates, I'm the boy... It is the kind of song that will stay in your brain forever!! Lots of fun and laughs.

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