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A healthy and hearty breakfast to start the day

I got my picking tool. Bring on the oranges

Look at my pickin'

Not a job for short ladies

Come back in a little while. I'll be ready

Pickin' away

Aren't the blossoms beautiful? And they smell good too!

Temples grow on short bushes for short pickers!

See, I can pick!

They grow other good stuff in Florida too!

Today was a great experience. A hearty breakfast got us started and then we were ready for anything. We had some errands to run and the GPS took us through parts of Florida never before seen by the tourist eye. Cattle and oranges and swamp and hills that look like mountains with a few strawberries thrown in.

The best experience was going to an orange grove where you get to pick your own. We started with Navels and finished with Temples. The Navels and Linda just didn't get along. The trees are at least twice as tall as my bride and the picking tool they gave her for the high ones just was not her friend. I'm not sure if anyone else has ever peeled an orange while on the tree, but Linda has. Sadly the orange remains on the tree.

When we got to the Temples, Linda was in her glory. The trees were short and the oranges grew low. Between us we picked a big 1/4 bushel and now have more oranges than we can eat. Tonight's big project is converting several oranges into orange juice.

FYI, temp is 82 at present.

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