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Day 13

Very cold start to the morning. 8C and a wind blowing through camp. We were also surrounded by mountain so no sun to warm us up. We shivered through breakfast with all of our layers on after packing up tents that were soaked from dew. Leg warmers, jackets and long fingered gloves were put on for the start. The wind became calm and the sky perfectly clear as we headed out. What a perfect day to see the best scenery of the trip!

The first instruction from camp was to warm up for the big mountain crossings by turning right and going up for 14 km to the peak of French Mountain. At the base of the mountain I had already removed jacket and vest. The climb wasn't too difficult but by the time the summit appeared I was dripping puddles on the road. The descent was gradual to the next mountain - perfect for drying off and feeling refreshed.

Half way up North Mountain, Mark blew the side wall on his front tire. He had heard about my fancy pump and was happy when I came along so he could use it. He had a boot to repair it but decided to take the descent slowly in case it blew again. There were a lot of sharp turns at the edges of cliffs on the descents today so I had to keep the speed under 70 km/hr. Cars were not able to keep up with me at that speed.

Tim broke another spoke. Fortunately he bought another spare when the first one broke and was able to replace it when he got to camp.

It was a short distance today but exhausting all the same.

Dinner Oysters, leftover stew, GF pineapple upside down cake made on the stove top - the last meal of the trip by our cooking crew.


69.6 km 69.4 max

1428m climb

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