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Sapp Bros. Cafe

John, Come Back!

Sign Broke?

Western Historic Trails Center

Elevation Change Heading West

John's Stop


Two In One Day!

Where's The Top?

We Were There

WINDY! If I say nothing else today, I have described the day. The wind is howling!

We are still in Gretna. We start our morning with a trip to town. The Gretna Pharmacy fills one of John’s prescriptions. We talk with a local woman. She is eighty and used to RV. She also loves to fish. Nice people here!

We head to the local supermarket. We stock up on supplies.

We get on the Interstate but travel only one exit. Yesterday, I had a “There it is!” moment. I saw a Sapp’s Café coffee pot. It is the one pictured in my Roadside Giants book. John lets me out to take pictures and goes to the gas station. Later in the day, we find another coffee pot but it is missing its top. Sapp’s Coffee Pots are like Muffler Men. We may find more.

We cross the Missouri River as we head to Council Bluffs. I see the sign for the Western Historic Trails Center. The National Parks System built the center but turned it over to Council Bluffs. It is a small museum. It compares traveling west today to traveling west via the Oregon Trail, the California Trail, the Mormon Trail and the Lewis and Clark Trail. I get many stamps. We also get directions to Camping World and Bass Pro Shops.

We do our shopping at the above-mentioned stores. We are now ready to head back to the campground. As we cross the Missouri River, we see the centennial trains and a Welcome to Omaha sign. We were there!

We are getting some rain tonight but tomorrow will be clear. Tomorrow we head west.

Campground: Omaha KOA

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