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Bernie relaxing at Ngepi Tree house

Hippos in Kavango River

Kavango sunset

My reason for bringing a spare pair of thermals for night wear paid off! We survived quite a cold night, waking up to loud and varied birdsong plus the rising sun in our eyes. It was lovely to be able to lie in. It was a day of catch up – blog notes and washing. Due to the hot water being driven by solar, showers were cold until mid afternoon. On the opposite bank is a game park and we could see a water buffalo and elephant. The sighting of the water buffalo meant we had seen The Big Five in one trip so very happy with that! (Although knew we see some in Chobe anyway). Mid afternoon took the Sunset Cruise along the Kavango River. Some good sightings of hippo, a water monitor and a small croc. Watched local fishermen in their mokorros, a canoe type boat made from a log. One fellow hauled in a couple of beauties. The Namibian sunsets are always spectacular but it is because the sun is descending through a haze of either smoke or dust!

July 27 Wednesday

Yipes – it happened – ZERO DEGREES!!!

But Misheck assured us it would be warmer in Botswana, our destination today. As we left Ngepi Camp, we were farewelled by the local village children “drumming” us out on their makeshift drums of old tins, bottles and wheel rims. The ball Bernie had bought early in the trip was tossed out the window for all the local kids.

On the way to the border, passed many traditional villages but they seemed a lot trashier than others – rubbish strewn everywhere, not a good sight. The Caprivi Strip is a national park but some villagers live in it, accidentally lighting fires. Fires are also started by motorist’s cigarettes. All in all a depressing drive – and only saw 2 elephant, no doubt the others driven away by fires and burnt habitat.

Crossed the border into Botswana at the Chobe River, the immigration office having lots of baboons in the surrounding trees. Because Botswana has an important meat industry, it is very careful about animal diseases such as foot and mouth. So we had to wipe our shoes, plus our spare pair, in a chemical solution before going through immigration! On the way to our lodge at Kasane, spotted some sable antelope, a lucky sighting. Our lodge is right on the Chobe River and it was lovely to have a nice warm room with good showers and even a TV! We tried the bar before dinner – I had a slightly odd tasting vodka martini which was cheaper than Bernie’s glass of wine! Don’t think I have mentioned wine servings in Africa. A glass of wine IS a glass of wine, not just a measure like in Australia. A glass I had in Cape Town was 250ml – a third of a bottle! No wonder I felt a bit tipsy!

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