My Latin American Experience 2011 travel blog

We set out from San Pedro with a new group, only 3 others and all German, and about 35ish. So a slightly quieter group than yesterdays!

During our second day we did quite a lot of driving! But in between this we visited a ghost town, and saw where the border between Chile and Bolivia had been at the coast, before the war. The second night of this trip was spent on the beach. We all had a BBQ and camped. Was really nice actually, first beach-camping experience, and Marco (the driver) and Danny (guide) did the cooking which was soo tasty! Though I wish I was a veggie at point, as Flic and another woman got stuffed peppers with a bean stew type, which is a Chilean/Peruvian speciality, and it tasted so so good! Then, after an introduction to Piscola - a mix of the Chilean/Peruvian (another argument!) grape Spirit called Pisco, and Coca cola. Very good actually. So that was a really lovely night!

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