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This section of Chile was absolutely beautiful and exciting. We visited some special white water river sources,the Bio Bio,and the Futalafue. We visited at least 6 national Parks with special trees and some Volcanoes. We took a ferry to Chiloe, Island and saw some of the famed wooden churches still standing after over 2oo years. Finally we drove to the beginning of the Austral Caratera, and saw an Alcerce tree that is a distant cousin of the California Redwood.

The wildlife in this section was terrific, birds, mammals and of course the famed large trout. Yes, I broke my rod on a fishing trip with a huge fish-it got away. I had to travel south to a wonderful little city along a lake with two beautiful Volcanoes in the foreground to find a dealer to replace my life garunteed fly rod. The day after I got my new rod,for $18.00, I went fishing on a beautiful river and caught the largest trout I have ever gotten. I only got photos of one, the smallest was about 20" another was about 23" and the third was so big it broke my 15lb line.

We then crossed over into Argentina to Baraloche to meet up with John and Sharon again.

Foxes and condors and the southern Beech trees were wonderful sights. I saw many new species of geese and duck, and swans in this part of Chile.

Again I must remind you of how wonderful the people in Chile are. They have been warm and helpful. Our camping host and others we have met along the way have always gone the extra mile to help us out. Either they give us good tips or go out of the way to make sure we find what we are looking for. What a wonderful vacation this is. Karla has even begun to try and speak a little Espanol..

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