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Blayde found an Alamo just his size in Pecos, TX.

Military aircraft refueling at the airport this morning in Pecos, TX.

Giant windmills in West Texas off I-20.

After driving in windy conditions for the entire day we finally made it to just west of Ft. Worth. We are staying at a very nice RV park (Cowtown RV Park) and will go to Vogt to pick up our license plates in the morning. I called Vogt last week and asked them if they would have our license plates ready for us to pick up on Monday (tomorrow) and Laura assured me that they would definitely be there for us to pick up. We will see. As you may know from reading my previous entries, I don’t trust Vogt at all after their many broken promises.

Yesterday and this morning (before we left) we saw numerous groups of military helicopters land at the airport near the TraPark Escapees RV Park where we stayed. A local told us that it was not uncommon to see military aircraft flying between Killeen (Ft. Hood) and El Paso (Ft. Bliss) stop to refuel at the Pecos Airport. It sure is a sight to behold and one can’t help but get a lump in one’s throat when considering what our armed forces are doing for us every day.

Also, whenever we drive across West Texas I am always impressed by the massive windmills. They appear as three-armed giants on the horizon. They look truly colossal and remarkable scattered across the landscape. I think it would be interesting to someday stand at the base of one and look up at it towering over me. They look big from a distance… just think what they must be like up close!

Now I think it is time to fall into bed and get a good night of sleep. Hopefully we will pick up our license plates (if Vogt has them) and then off to Longview tomorrow.

Happy travels, Rebecca

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