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We woke up to pouring rain today - we had a helicopter ride planned to go onto Fox Glacier. When we got to the area where we needed to be for the heli-hike - they told us it had been cancelled due to the rain. So what better thing to do then take a 4 hour guided walk up the glacier thru the rainforest that surrounds the glacier (hell it was raining anyway!) - We got dressed in gortex suits and hiking boots. It was raining real hard at the base camp so we knew it was going to be a wet day. We met our guide (Simon) and another couple from Dallas (Jasmine and Raj) and a girl from Australia (Sandra). Lauren and I had no idea what to expect on this hike. Turns out it was one of the best things of the trip to date.

The hike begins at the base of the river (which is all melting ice flowing towards the Tasman bay) and continues thru the rainforest. Along the way you pass the most spectacular waterfalls - since it was raining there were dozens of them - all flowing at full capacity. It takes about an hour to get to the glacier - but you basically see it the whole time as you walk thru the rainforest - very weird to see 2 contrasting parts of nature right next to each other. I was in heaven as I kept stopping the guide asking many questions about the rocks I found or the plants that grow at 90 degree angles. What you think is a dirt path is actually the glacier - just with dirt all over it as it is thousands of years old. Our guide took his pick axe and chipped away dirt and the clearest pieces of ice either of us have ever seen came flying out. We learned that the snow is so heavy is basically pushes all the air out of the ice and it becomes clear as looking thru a window.

Once we got to the summit of the glacier we put on our Crampons, which are spiked straps that go around our shoes. We then walked for about an hour on top of the glacier - which the paths the guides take change daily as the ice shifts and melts.

Lauren and I were completely soaked from head to toe - it was 45 degrees on the glacier and neither of us even realized it as we were so captivated by the scenery around us.

We finished the hike around 130pm - and realized that there isn't much to do here in town - so we took a 30 minute nap, watched a show called "The Naked Chef",- and we used each others faces to see what kind of noises we could make on the other person. I think we may be going mad!!!

Dinner was great and we have 2 days in the remote part of the country in a wilderness lodge after we leave here. I am glad I married Lauren as we could spend eternity in a cave together!

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