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Hotel Jeffrey, Coulterville-on the way to RV Park

Arriving at RV Park, Greeley Hill

Campground sign

The goats, Maggie (black) and Diablo

Dinner at the Hotel Jeffery - Bar

On the ceiling at the Bar, Hotel Jeffery

the Hotel bar

Also in the bar

Large recreation lake outside of town, Lake McClure

The Marina

Scenery around Greeley

Snow tires and chains - this does NOT look good

Wildwood Community Chapel, 1953

Wyatt, age 9

The General Store, Coulterville

Linda's Cowboy

Whistling Billy plaque

Here he is - Whistlin' Billy

Downtown Coulterville, Pop. 117

Sun Sun Wo Co. Store Prop.

David drooled over the old cars in the falling-down barn

This is a little too much

Red Plum tree at the RV Park

Maggie with the STABBING HORNS

Meadow at our RV Park

The Youngs and the Hecks

We left 3 Rivers - not really wanting to. Three Rivers was so very peaceful.

We did want to see Yosemite National Park; therefore, we forced ourselves to travel.

Our campground (base camp) was Yosemite Westlake Campground and RV Park, "Above the Fog, Below the Snow", Greeley Hill, California.

When we pulled in and parked the two rigs for the guys to check in, Bonnie, Tyler and I were entertained by two goats. The goats were tied to a tree on long cables so they could 'mow' the grass in that area. The manager of the campground told us Maggie, the black one, was a girl - and no, she wasn't pregnant...just fat. The gray and white goat was the male,named Diablo.

Our campsites were very pretty, just not very level. We overlooked a grassy meadow, we could hear roosters in the background, and it was quiet and peaceful - birds singing - and we were again happy campers. The three dogs were happy also to again see grass.

We were there to see Yosemite National Park - and see it we did! However, it had to share the spotlight with other things we saw!

All the different cultural and evironmental and natural and wild aspects of our Home Land are so very awesome - and sites we never thought we would see...Seeing them brings the whole idea of the "United States" home to us. We are experiencing our Homeland.

Greeley Hill where our RV Park was is known as the 'gateway to the Sierra'. During the Gold Rush a local sawmill industry was started. Pine and cedar logs were harvested and transported using teams of oxen. We were directed by several people in the campground to their new 'market', the Greeley Hill Market. It had just opened and now it proved convenient for the residents to shop in Greeley. We were told the owner tried to keep the prices down and according to the people there, his prices were less than in Coulterville - go figure.

We had breakfast at the strip mall which consisted of a laundromat and a restaurant and a very distinct sign stating 'snow chains' were to be used. Breakfast was very good and the locals very friendly. To 'reserve' a table before his breakfast was served, one of the locals put his cowboy hat on the table top while he went next door to check on his laundry.

After the local breakfast we went to Coulterville, an itty-bitty, but larger, town than Greeley Hill. Coulterville was having a craft fair. They provided Park-And-Ride from one side of the road where you could park, to the direct opposite side of the road to the craft fair. Honest and Truthful. No Lie.

At the craft fair there was a very personable boy, age 9, named Wyatt. Quite a salesman, and quite well-spoken. He had made items to sell and was very proud of them. He did a real sales talk and I bought two of his items and paid him double. If I could have, we would have brought him home with us - he was absolutely adorable. We complimented his mother on his manners and demeanor. P.S.: His younger sister was a Brat.

The town of Coulterville is an "authentic example" of a Californis gold rush town. It is still, to date, a gold mining town. In town across from the Jeffery Hotel was the "WHISTLING BILLY" locomotive. It is underneath the town Hangman's Tree. The railroad ran on 30 inch gauge tack and could haul 15 ore cars.

We had dinner in the bar of the Hotel Jeffery in Coulterville - and shared the bar with a group of bikers who there to ride the mountains. The hotel was built by the Mexicans out of rock and adobe. The 30 inch walls date back to 1851.. It is family owned and operated since 1851.

Connie and I explored the Sun Sun Wo Co. Store. It is of adobe and constructed in 1851 and was used continuously until 1920 as a general store. It served not only the local Chinatown, but the surrounding ranches and mines. The original shelves and counters are still in the store. In the back of the store is an office in which there is evidence it was at one time used as an opium den.

The day before we left, Connie was walking Sadie and saw that the girl goat was caught between the tree and the boy goat's chain and could not move. She put Sadie up and then the two of us went into "Rescue" mode. We held the goat still, then figured out which way to unhook her. We unhooked her, still holding her, unwound the cable, then hooked her back up again - and watched her walk away.

OK, so we are not goat-herders. She would NOT come to us, of course. We offered her grass so we could grab her collar and she just lowered her head and ate the same grass we were offering. Neither Connie nor I know how to "Call" a goat. It was all very frustrating. We finally had her cornered on the porch, with a railing, at the office. I told Connie NOT to let her back down the steps. I went to the Manager's trailer and - there was a note...stating she was not there.

So, Connie and I each grabbed a side of the goat's collar. We forced her to walk between us, but she was a little twit and did not want to cooperate. In the meantime, the boy goat just kept munching the grass and while chewing looked at us like we were aliens.

In doing the Forced March back to the cable, Connie got stabbed in the palm of her hand by the goat's left horn, and I got stabbed on the top of my hand between my thumb and finger with the goat's right horn. At that point neither of us were especially fond of the Monster Girl Goat. We got her to her cable, and Very Carefully Hooked Her Up Tight!

We panted all the way across the meadow to our rigs. (In our opinion, Maggie should have been named DIABLO.)

Oh, and in the middle of getting Missy Prissy Maggie hooked up to her cable, Diablo tried to mount her. I slapped his head and told him we were NOT those kind of ladies! He left in a real snit.

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